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Immigrants from Tjernagel, Norway, beginning in 1849
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Aerial view of Tjernagel, Norway Drawing of Tjernagel
An aerial view and a drawing of Tjernagel
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People from Lien and Tjernagel in Norway were but a tiny part of the great migration from the west coast of Norway (Vestlandet), the southern part of Hordaland county (Sunnhordaland) to the prairies of Illinois, Iowa, and then other parts of the United States.
Reunion Booklet

From that small band, the heritage has stretched out so that the descendents of those Tjernagel settlers live in just about every part of the United States, and are comprised of farmers, housewives, school teachers, college professors, clergy, commercial workers, government workers, business men,and more.

Beginning in 1899, the Tjernagel relatives gathered annually, and those gatherings continued until a time when it was impossible to include all. At those early meetings, the next generation swapped stories, showed off the newest off-spring, and after the ready availability of photography, shared pictures of their doings of the past year.

Some were avid photographers and left behind scrapbooks and a multitude of pictures. For those in possession of those pictures, it has been a puzzle as to how to share them more widely.  The internet has helped us to solve that problem.

1899 Follinglo Family Reunion
1899 Tjernagel Reunion at Follinglo Farm

This site is dedicated to All Things Tjernagel. So that the coming generations can have a sense of this heritage, we welcome pictures and albums, stories, genealogies,  and other matters of “roots.” As you can see, we have pages to serve as gathering places for the various extensions of the original immigrants from  Tjernagel.

1913 TjReunionPic
1913 reunion, believed to be at the Erick Peterson home in Story City

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