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LJT diagram In 1932, Lewis J. Tjernagel (Lars Johann, LJT) wrote letters to Rose Enwall and Hayford Enwall in Florida explaining the relationship between the Tjernagels and the Christiansons, and also commented on the story of the Scotch girls.  His letter also contained the chart at the left (click to enlarge).


Peter and Andrew Chhistianson

Malene (Malinda) Christensdatter married her cousin, Peder Larson (Store Per) at the church in Sveio, Norway. They emigrated to this country (see "Three Kjerstines") and settled in Norway, Illinois and then Iowa in the same settlement as other Tjernagels, Christiansons, and Phillops had. Peder met an untimely death in 1863, and Malene then married another cousin, Knut (Canute) Phillops.

Chester Christianson

Gates Tire Company:
Chester Christianson, Proprieter —

Rose Christianson-Hasse Enwall Collage
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