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The Tjernagel pioneers began to build up a new community. Undoubtedly they were optimistic about the future of their endeavor, and they would eventually build schools and churches. But they lived under the harsh realities of the frontier, even as they lived by hope and faith in the promises of their Lord.

There would be churches and schools, but as it turned out, they needed cemeteries first, for example, when a little girl, Helga, perished in a prairie fire.

On June 28, 2008 80 people attended a celebration of Peder Larson Tjernagel, Store Per, on the farm he had settled in 1858  near Story City, Iowa. The present owner of the farm, Dr. Mark Maggio, had resotored the farm home built by Store Per's widow Malene and her second husband, Canute (Knut Phillops).  Dr. Maggio had located the burial ground on the farm where some children of Peder and Malene were buried as well as other pioneers. The links below tell the story of the day, with some notes on those who are probably buried there.
Utvandrergravlund monument

Peter Christianson monument

A number of Tjernagel kin are buried in Mamrelund cemetery near Story City. Philip Rhodes has photographed many of these grave sites which can be viewed by clicking on the link below.
(For the significance of "Mamrelund" see Genesis 23:17–20, 49:29-33, and 50:13 – Mamre was the burial place of Sarah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob)

Gravesites at Mamrelund Cemetery
(Iowa Gravestone Photo Project)

The picture at the left is of Peter Christianson's grave in Norway, Illinois, the place where many Norwegian immigrants first settled, including the Iowa Tjernagels.

Nehemias Tjernagel's history of the Sheldall School chronicles more than the history of the school. A listing of the pupils who passed through his doors, as well as a list of teachers speak to the nature of the community. One can learn a little also about "Norwegian ball."
The Sheldall School
                         [download pdf]
Sheldahl School
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