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1899 Family Reunion

Some Genealogical Lists
       click on the link to see the document or image; click on [pdf download] to download a document that can be enlarged or printed

These genealogies show the common ancestors of the three branches of the Tjernagel immigrants — Christianson, Phillops, and Larson-Tjernagel. The common ancestors are Peder Andersson and Helga Kristensdatter. The ancestry of  Peder and Helga are traced, so far as they can be determined, on the charts which follow the overview. The Overview, a color-coded outline of the progeny of  Peder's and Helga's children who immigrated to the United States beginning in 1849, is provided as an orientation to the branches of this immigrant family.  Additional genealogies are provided for separate branches of the family, for example, the ancestry of Martha Karina Follinglo, who immigrated separately, but married Ole Andreas Larson in Norway, Illinois.  Additional genealogies may be provided later.

Further genealogies of the family can be found at the Gen Circles site, containing genealogical information gathered by Phil Rhodes, of the Christianson branch of the family:

Anyone with additional genealogical information they wish to share are invited to contact the All Things Tjernagel steering committee.

As has been noted previously, the lists provided do not, for the most part, include the names of those living in order to protect the privacy of individuals.

L. J. Tjernagel 1899 Genealogical chart of the Tjernagel emigrant families

This chart was the first attempt to gather genealogical information about the immigrant families from Tjernagel.

An Overview    [pdf download]
       A color-coded overview of the genealogies

Ancestors of Peder Anderson (chart)  [pdf download]    |   Ancestors of Helga Kristensdatter (chart)  [pdf download]

Peder Andersson and Helga Kristensdatter are the common ancestors of the families represented on this webpage:  The Christiansons, Phillops, and Tjernagels.

Descendants of Peder Anderson — Four Generations: An Outline   [pdf download]

This list shows the lineage of four generations beginning with Peter Anderson, 1768-1814

Descendants of Peder Anderson — Four Generations: Full genealogy                [pdf download]

A complete genealogical record of the four generations from Peder Anderson, which includes the families who emigrated from Tjernagel — Christiansens, Phillops, and Tjernagels.

Descendants of Johannes Andersen and Synneve Endresdatter

Lars Johannessen, father of Ole Andreas Larson Tjernagel was a fourth generation descendant from Johannes Andersen  d. 1701 and Synneve Endresdatter through the generation of the emigrants.

Ole Andreas Larson Tjernagel
      [pdf download]

This pictorial family tree produced by L. J. Tjernagel in 1936 in honor of the 100th anniversary of Ole Andreas Larson Tjernagel's birth, shows the four generations from Ole Andreas and Martha Karina Follinglo thru 1936 (about 1/3 of the 4th generation).

Descendant of Anders Gulbrandson 

     The lineage of Anders Gulbrandson through the children of Martha Karina Follinglo and Ole Andreas Larson Tjernagel

1913 Reunion

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