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L. J. Tjernagel 1899 Genealogy Chart

Following the 1899 Tjernagel Reunion at Follinglo Farm, Lars Johan Tjernagel produced a genealogy of the family in the form of a chart. Below is a picture of the chart as found in the Norma Bakros collection. A later reproduction of the text portion of the chart (a second generation photocopy of an original which had been damaged) is reproduced below that. It can be enlarged by clicking on the image. A pdf file is also available for downloading which can be enlarged to various degrees in most pdf readers.

As noted elsewhere on this site, this poster/chart established the way the first and second generation of Tjernagel immigrants viewed themselves  – as a family descended from Peder Andersson and Helga Christensdatter Tjernagel. Descendents from three of their children emigrated from Tjernagel to the United States: Christen, (hence the Christiansons),  Kristi (married Philipus Knutson, hence the Phillops), and Helga (married Lars Johannesen, hence the Larson-Tjernagels).

Since this was a first-effort, some dates and spellings are incorrect, and are corrected in the later genealogies.

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