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Three Kjerstines              Download PDF

Many have heard the story of two little Scotch girls, driven across the North Sea in a row boat, one of whom widened the Tjernagel gene pool.  The story is written down here by Peter G. Tjernagel, about 1931. It was transcribed from a manuscript by Peter G. by Mildrid Tjernagel Nickson.

Across the Prairie        Download PDF

The story of the covered wagon trip to Story City Iowa from Norway, Illinois.  The story was written down and translated from Norwegian by Nehemias Tjernagel, as told by Ole Andreas Larson Tjernagel. Mimeographed in 1976 by Adolph Harstad.

Store Per and other Recollections

Ole Andreas Larson Tjernagel, Endre Christenson (?), & Christian Logan - 1913 Reunion Photo

The Biography of Endre Christenson by Nehemias Tjernagel contains stories about Store Per as well as other recollections.

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