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Welcome to All Things Tjernagel.

This site is dedicated to the memory of those hardy souls, descendents of Peder Anderson and Helga Cristensdatter, who left Tjernagel on Bømlafjord, Hordaland county in Norway, beginning in 1849. We have developed this website with genealogies, pictures, and Tjernagel lore so that the far-flung descendents of Peter and Helga, in present and succeeding generations, can know their roots and will not soon forget whence they came.

We hope that you will find this site easy to use and  navigate. In many cases, pictures, at least on the main pages, can be enlarged by clicking on them. Photos can also be copied by right clicking on a two button mouse or control/clicking on a one button mouse. Photos and original material such as genealogies and stories are copyrighted, and are not for the monetary enrichment of anyone. The content of the site is intended for the enjoyment and use of those who spring from Tjernagel stock or are interested in this slekt (lineage).

We intend to continue  adding material to these pages, so if you have visited all the pages of interest to you, please come back soon to see if there is something new. If you have material you would like to see on the site, or materials that you would like to share, contact us to make arrangements.

Photos or other images including copies of documents should be scanned at 300 dpi.  Typewritten material should be submitted as electronic copy, in Microsoft Word document, rtf, or text files.

Please note that the genealogies do not, for the most part, contain the names of living descendents of Peder and Helga – this to prevent invasions of privacy or the pirating of personal information.

The steering committee consists of Phil Rhodes and Tami Christianson (both from the Christianson branch), and Mildrid Tjernagel Nickson, Peter Tjernagel Harstad, and Erling T. Teigen, (the last three, descendents of Ole Andreas Larson Tjernagel).  Erling Teigen serves as the webmaster, and can be contacted at the email address below. Most of the genealogies were contributed by Phil and Mildrid, pictures and documents by members of the committee and many others.
We welcome comments, questions, and requests.
Please contact us at
All Things Tjernagel

Funds for site rental for the first three years have been provided by the treasury of the Tjernagel (Ole Andreas Larson branch) Family Reunion of 2001

Enjoy All Things Tjernagel

The Steering Committee

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