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All Things Tjernagel

Litt av Hvert
(A Little of Everything – Odds and Ends)

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A Homily on Roots
Sermon at the 2001 O. A. L. Tjerangel Reunion Weekend
Bethany Lutheran College
Erling T. Teigen

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Voices from the Past
At Christmas 1952, Fred Schalow recorded the voices of his wife's parents, Martin and Louise (Lillegard) Tjernagel.
Martin was a son of O. A. L. Tjernagel.
Before returning to St. Louis, the Schalow's visited Follinglo Farm, tape recorder in hand. On this tape, hear the voices of Bertha J. Tjernagel (daughter of H.M.Tjernagel, Sarah Tjernagel Schalow, Peder Julius Tjernagel (son of Peder G.) Lois Tjernagel (daughter of Neelak), Herman Tjernagel, Aunt Jenny (wife of Peder G.), Tante (Bertha), Martin (son of Peder J.) Sarah and Fred, followed by Unko (Nehemias). All were more bashful than usual in the presence of the new fangled tape recorder, and had to be coaxed to speak. 56 years later we have coaxed them a little more by editing out some hemming and hawing and long silences, and making Herman speak louder than he actually did.

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