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Dapper Unko

Nehemias Tjernagel –
An Affectionate Biography

Neelak Serawlook Tjernagel


        After the death of Uncle Nehemias, Aunt Bertha gave me some of his personal effects. These included books, papers, and his personal scrapbook. Some of this material, about two cardboard boxes full, was placed in the archives of the Iowa State Historical Society at Iowa City, Iowa. I kept the personal letters and the scrapbook. This priceless collection of about 150 photographs, as many magazine and newspaper clippings, and numerous typed commentaries is a comprehensive history of Follinglo Farm and its people.

      Now that I have finished the pleasant task of writing Unko's biography, his letters, papers, and scrapbook are going back to Follinglo Farm to the custody of Michael Tjernagel.
      A copy of this short history of Unko's life is my personal greeting to each of my brothers and sisters and cousins, all of us his nieces and nephews.

Neelak Tjernagel,
  1 January 1976

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Short Biography
Summary of Affectionate Biography
by Peter T. Harstad

Unko's Scrapbook
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Nehemias Tjernagel's Music–
 an Album 

The Music of Nehemias
 Tjernagel – movie

Nehemias Letters from Norway– 1892,93
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Walking Trips in Norway
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     with Clarence & Agnes Tjernagel family

A photo album of Nehemias

Balhomen, Sogn

Christmas at Bethlehem

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