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OALTjernagel Family
Ole Andreas Larson Tjernagel built Follinglo Farm, so that it became a widely known, often written up in farm magazines, model farm, known for its short horn cattle and innovative farming methods — especially its concrete fences and corn crib.

Ole Andreas was followed by his sons Peder, Nehemias, and Martin, and they in turn were followed by Peder's sons as proprieters of the farm. Nehemias made the farm his home until his death. Lewis became a lawyer, Henry a pastor, Bertha a nurse and then a homemaker, Martin a farmer, music teacher, and band director, and Gustav a chiropractor.

Follinglo farm was also well known for its family orchestra and even had some custom made stringed instruments made for the players.

Tintype of OALTjernagel as a young man
Ole Andreas Larson Tjernagel as a young man, date unknown
back of OAL tintype

They may have gathered evenings and made music and often spent time with pen or book in hand.
But who can say what the subject of conversation was out in the barn yard?

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