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Helge (Henry) Tjernagel Family

Helge Mathias Tjernagel went by the name Henry all his life.  He attended Luther College at Decorah, Iowa, and Luther Seminary in Hamline, Minnesota, both schools of the Norwegian Synod.
Following his seminary training, he served a Norwegian Lutheran congregation in Stanwood, Washington, where he married Anna Brue, the congregations organist. There, Olaf, who died in infancy, Neelak, Olivia, and Rolf were born. In 1910, he accepted a call to serve the Norwegian Synod Eskimo mission in Teller, Alaska.  From Alaska, the family, moved to Santa Barbara, California to serve another Norwegian Synod congregation, and Lars and Elna were added to the family. In 1917, the family moved back the midwest, to Crookston, Minnesota, but soon were moved to the Indian mission of the Missouri Synod in Gresham, Wisconsin. Helga and Bertha were added to the clan there. Finally they moved back to Iowa, with a call from the Saude and Jerico congregations near Lawler Iowa. Borghild was born there. But in 1924, Anna died, following the delivery of a still-born child.
Henry's sister Bertha came to the Saude parsonage and served as housekeeper and mother to the family until H. M. Tjernagel died in 1940 while still active in the ministry.

H. M. Tjernagel Photo Albums

H.M. Family 1910
HM Family 1932
1916: Neelak, Rolf, Lars, H.M., Anna, Elna, Olivia
1932: Olivia, Helga, Borghild, Lars, Neelak, Rolf, Bertha, Elna
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