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Bertha Kjerstine Tjernagel

Tante at Oakdale
Like Nehemias, addressed by nieces and nephews and grand-nieces and nephews as Unko, Bertha spent much of her adult life addressed simply as "Tante."  Never married, she yet was more than an aunt to many. After a time spent working as a nurse, she came to the household of her brother Henry after the death of his wife Anna, and kept house and mothered Henry's children. After his death, she went back to Follinglo and helped Jenny, the wife of Peder G manage the household that consisted not only of Pete and Jenny's children, but of her bachelor brother Nehemias. Later, when Jenny became infirm, Tante was the primary manager of the household, giving it up only when she had to enter the Oakdale Sanitarium with tuberculosis.

Tante about 1900

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