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About the Phillops family

 Philippus Knudson of Lien, with his wife Kirsti Pedersdatter and four children Anna Marie (with her husband Mikkel Johannesson Lie and their infant daughter) Helga, Knud, and Peder were the 2nd party from  Tjernagel to emigrate to the United States.

Peter & Canute Phillops ca 1861

Wallet outside Phillops wallet inside

The wallet pictured above and  left is known to have belonged to Canute Phillops. However it may have originally belonged to his father Philippus Knutsen and used by Philippus to carry 1850 travel documents when the family came from Norway that year. The fold lines on the passport match the dimensions of the pocket in the wallet in which the document was kept. The wallet appears to have been carefully handmade.

Also found in Canute  Phillops wallet. But there is no story to go with it.

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