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Lio (Lien)
From Simon Steinsbø, Gards- og ættesoge, Sveio, Band II. Skulekrinsane Bue, Vikse, Vandaskog og Sveio. 1987
Translated by Erling T. Teigen©

Farm No. 38

Lio lies in the north end of outer Valestrand. The farm borders in the east on Øklandsnes, in the south on Åsbu, in the west on Tjernagel and in the north on the Bømlafjord.

Lio was originally a cotter’s farm under Økland.

In 1723 it is said that the place was cleared a long time ago and had not been  further cleared  since.  The place was then  assessed for 6 units [merker] of butter in property tax and income tax  and has later been considered as an independent farm.

The name has most often been written “Lien,” but has often been confused with Liergardane and Li. The common name is Lio.

The income tax was changed in 1838 to 2 tax dollars, 4 øre, and 18 shillings. And in 1890 to 2, 94.

In 1802 it was reported that the farm had an enclosed pasture, no forest or firewood.

In 1866 the place had 5 ½ mål [ mål = ca. ¼ acre] cultivated meadow, fairly good,  30 mål natural meadow which was also fairly good. There was no more land to cultivate. The pasture lay in a suitable place and was fairly good, but was just large enough for four cows. There was no wood, but enough peat for half the farm. The place was fairly easy to farm and fairly well cultivated.

There were  no special rights and privileges mentioned in connection with this place. There has not been a common farm yard at Lien. The place has for the longest time been isolated. Since farm number 2 was separated, the owner built his house on his own farm.

It was rectified in the setting up of borders in 1865. Reapportionment of outlying fields with Tjernagel in 1919. Reapportionment of outlying fields with Økland in 1923.

1723  1 cow, 3 sheep.
1802: 8 cattle
1866: 9 cattle, 32 sheep

Seed and Crops:

1723  Sowed  1 våg (40 pounds?) oats, Harvested: 1 t.
1802: Sowed 1 ½ t oats, 2 t. potatoes
1866 5 t. oats, 4 t. potatoes Harvested 30 t. oats, 24 t. potatoes, 520 våger (units of 40 lbs) hay, 76 våger straw.


Lio had the same owner as Økland to 1772 when the owner, Omund Ellingson bought the place. Later the farmers for the most part have been self-owners.


The first farmers with known names were:

1.  Nils. He was farmer in 1723 and until 1750.

         Children a. Guri married Lien

2.  Omund Pederson was 56 years old in 1756 and was farmer from 1750 to 1754.

3.  Omund Elingson. His age is unknown. He was one of the many heirs of Jon O. Økland in 1757, and was probably from Hardanger. His parents were Elling Basseson and Ranveig Olsdtr., a niece of Jon. He was married to 1. Guri Nilsdtr. Lio d before 1754. 2. Mari Jørgensdtr. Liarbø, Fitjar,  b about 1698, d. 1769. 3. Synneva Olsdtr. Fagerland  b about 1714. The year he died is unknown. Ommund had no children with any of his wives. He was farmer from 1750. In 1772 he bought his place and farmed until 1776. He fed 5 cattle and 9 sheep.

4. Knut Filippusson Økland, born 1751, d. 1817. Married 1. Dordi Magnesdtr., widow of Knut P. Drange.n She died in 1791. Children: a. Kristi, b 1777, d 1847, unmarried. b. Peder b 1780, d. 1781. c. Dordi b 1781, m Lindås. d. Sissela b 1783. 2. Anna Larsdtr. Voll, Bømlo, b  1766, d. 1803. Children: f. Sissela b 1793, m Grimstveit. g. Anna b 1794, married Framnes. h. Guri b 1796. i. Filippus  b 1797. j. Filippus b 1799, married Lio. 3. Ingeborg Jonsdtr, Skåla. No children.

Knut bought the place in 1776 and farmed alone until 1790 when he sold half the place which was divided into 2 farms, nr. 1 and 2.

Farm No. 2

Old tax: 3 marks, butter

Knut farmed here until his death. In a settlement, according to Dordi in 1791,  there was 59 dollars [rdl.=riksdalar=4 kroner] in the farm was appraised at 60 rdl. The farm had helvte I ei glasstove, a loft with a cow barn, and a cook house. He fed at that time one horse, 4 cattle and one sheep. Since the estate was settled the second wife in 1803, the estate had more debt than assets. But Knute was able to make good so that his estate was 119 spd. [speciedalar 1816-1875, divided into 120 skilling, about 4 kroner).

5.  Fillippus Knutson Lio, b. 1799. Married Kristi Peterdtr., Tjernagel south, b. 1797. Children: a. Knut, b. 1822, d. 1830. b. Peder b 1824, d. 1830. c. Helga b. 1827, d. 1830. d. Anna Marie b 1830, m Mikkel Johannesson Li. In America. e. Knut, b 1834. f. Peder b 1836, m. Inger Kristine b. 1840, d. 1841.

Fillippus bought the farm in 1820 and farmed it until he sold it in 1850 and moved to America with the family.

One day in June 1844 Filippus and his family were attacked by a band of scoundrels, the so-called Valborg gang. The gang was drunk and one of them tried to rape a 14 year-old daughter in the house. There was then a fistfight between two of the gang and Filippus and Halvard Tjernagel who was with Filippus. They had to get help from Tjernagel and finally they subdued the gang and tied them up. The day after they were taken to the justice of the peace [or rural judge: skrivargarden].

6.Anbjørn Anbjørnson Vorland, Bømlo, b 1810, d at nursing home in Bergen ub 1869. Married Lisbet Sævjørnsdtr. Totland, Bømlo, b 1820 d 1884. Children: a. Sissela b 1851 m Øklandsnes. b. Malene b and d 1852. c. Malene b 1853 m in Stavanger. d. Anbjørn b 1855 m  Lio 3. Jakob b 1847 m  Lio.

Anbjorn bought the farm in 18450 and farmed it until he died. His widow  then ran the farm until she died. The farm was then divided and No. 3 was separated.

7.Jakob Anbjørnson Lien b 1857 d 1928. M Ingeborg Torsteinsdtr. Aasbu b. 1842 d 1938. Children: a. Lars Andreas b 1881. b. Anna Theodora b 1882, m Lio. c. Reinert Johan b 1884, seaman. d. Mandius Severin b 1886. e. Olava Kristine b 1891.

Jakob bought the farm from the heirs in 1884 and farmed it until he died. He was a seaman. His heirs sold it to co-heirs Lars Andreas and Anna Theodora in 1938.

8. Hans Johan Olson Traumøy b 1876, d 1913. M Anna Theodora Jaobsdtr. Lien b. 1882. Children: a. Ole b 1910, farmed after his mother. b. Hanna Ananda  b 1912 m Lio.

Hans was a shoemaker. He was in America for a while in his youth. Wife Anna bought the farm together with her brother. They farmed it until 1962. They separated out farm no. 5.

9.  Ole Hansson Strømme, Lio, b. 1910, bought the farm in 1962 and farmed it until 1974 He divided farms 8 and 9.

10.  Rasmus Olson Lundal, Skåre, b. 1913. M. Hanna Ananda Hansdtr. Strømme, Lio, b. 1912. Chilodren: a. Kjell Otto b 1938, b. Alvhild Johanne b . 1941.

Farm Numbers 3, 5, 8, 9 are not translated here

Farm No. 1

Old tax: 3 marks butter.   As mentioned before, Lio was divided into two farms, Numbers 1 & 2 in 1790.

14, Niklas Knutson Drange b. 1768 d 1838. M 1. Siri Anfinnsdtr. Moldbrekke b 1749 d 1818. Chidren: a. Siri b 1791, m lower Lier.  2. Helga Kristensdtr., widow of Peder Anddrsson Tjernagel south, b. 1803, d. 1851, no children. She died in 1842.

Niklas bought the farm in 1790 and farmed it  until 1820. He owned for a time ½ of a butter a half a hide in Krogskott, probably acquired by marriage. He was tax assessor for the silvertax in 1816 [a special reserve established in 1816 by the new Central Bank of Norway to cover notes  in the new speciedalar – the tax was collected in part from family silver and coins]. His daughter Siri married to lower Lier, inherited the farm and her family was owner until 1854.

15. Lars Johannesson Tjernagel, north b 1798, d 1863. Married Helga Petersdt. Tjernagel south, b 1803, d 1851. Children: a. Johannes b 1823. b. Peder b 1826. In America. Married Malene Kristensdtr. Tjernagel south. He had a son, Peder, b. 1846, with Johanne Johannesdtr. Kinn. c. Gunhild b. 1828 m Tjernagel north. d. Helga Marie b 1830 pm Anders Kristensen, in America. e. Ole Andreas b and d 1834. f. Ole Andreas b 1836. In America. g. Barbru b 1839 m Tjernagel north. h. Larsine b 1842, m Nils Peterson Tjernagel. 2. Ragnhild Pederstr., widow of Omund J. Øklandnes. She died in 1860. No children.

Lars leased the farm in 1823 and farmed it until 1854. He owned farm no. 2 in Tjernagel north which he farmed for a time.

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