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From Simon Steinsbø, Gards- og ættesoge, Sveio, Band II. Skulekrinsane Bue, Vikse, Vandaskog og Sveio. 1987
Translated by Kari Bergeson©


Farm # 48

Tjernagel farms are located in the north end of old Sveio village.  The farms share borders in the east with Auklandshamn (hamn=port), in the south with Åsbu and Lokna, in the west with Lokna and the northwest with the Bømlafjorden.

Tjernagel is probably one of the oldest farms on this side of the village and the gravestones also indicate this.  At Tjernagel there is a gravestone which is 6 meters in diameter and .5 m high.  150 meters southwest of this is a gravestone of the same size.  30 meters east+southeast of the first gravestone is a gravestone that is 5m in diameter.  West of the farm is ”Tjernaglehaugen,” a big gravestone about 17m in diameter and 1.5m high.  A flagstone that lies next to it stood as a lookout at Tjernagel.  A dwelling and a flint-arrow were found at Hamnedalen (dalen=the valley), but these were from a time long before there were permanent dwellings at Tjernagel. A silver armring was found in a rift near the house at Losaneset.  It is from the younger iron age.

 According to legend, Tjernagel and Kvalvåg were the oldest farms in Sveio.

 In north Tjernagel there is a cove called Likvikjo.  They came here from the farms around and decided to await good weather so they could cross over the fjord to Moster. This must have occured a very long time ago.

 The oldest name, Hiarnagli, suggests Sverdnagle, and was likely the original name of Tjernagelholmen.

 The name has been written many ways.  As folowsØ  Hiarnagli in Fornmanna and Flateyarbok.  In 1599:  Ternagell, 1645: Thiernagell, 1647: Tiørnagell.....-àThe farm name is now written Tjernagel, north, also called Nore Kjærnagl.

 In 1647, land tax on Tjernagel, north, was ½ l. butter and 1 goat hide.  One time before 1661 the land tax was increased to 2 lbs. butter and I skin.  The reason for this is probably because the land was better cultivated.  This tax remained unchanged later.

Tax was set at 4 lbs.  6 mrk. (unsure what this measurement translates to), which was even higher than land tax then, but in 1723 it was 6 mrk. Butter and this tax remained unchanged til 1838, when it changed to 5 dalar (again, unsure of measurement translation) 42 schillings.  In 1890 it was changed to 7.59 schilings. 

 In 1688 this was said about Tjernagel: 

  • K:  this part is beyond me.  I know the quote contains information about fish (herring and mackerel) and a mill, but I can’t make out the translation.

 In 1723 Tjernagel was not a cotter’s farm, nor was there a mill.  The land was good for grain production.

 In 1802 the farm was surrounded by yard, not forest.  Just some wood for burning.  A cotter’s farm was then arranged. 

 In 1866 the farm had 33 2/3 unit acres cultivate pasture.  Of that 9 units were good, 16 1/2 units mediocre, and 8 ½ units were poor.  144 ½ units naturally pasture, of which 27 units were good, 70 units mediocre and 47 ½ units poor.  There were 14 units cultivated ground.  The yard was big enough for half the cattle.  There was not enough burning wood, as most of it was roots and peat. Some seaweed was used to supplement.  The farm was lightly used and was in mediocre condition for cultivation. 

 The rights and privileges that fell to Tjernagel, north were small.  In 1661 there was a bay, but in 1723 it wasn’t named and the fish must have been inconsistent.  The property extended a little further another year.  In 1907 there was a commission’s agreement about the division of land.  They agreed to split it according to taxes.  The mill was there occasionally (K:  I don’t understand what this means, but occasionally is the only meaning of the word ‘studevis’) but the waterfall was probably small.  Heather flowers and seaweed were found.

 No one knows where the house stood when the first farmer lived at Tjernagel. 


 1657:  at Tjernagel north and south:  2 horses, 29 cattle

1668:  2 horses, 15 cattle, 18 sheep and goats

1723:  1 horse, 12 cattle, 9 sheep

1802:  2 horses, 19 cattle, 24 sheep

1866:  3 ½ horses (?), 27 cattle, 94 sheep

 SEEDS and YIELDS:  (note:  I don’t know what the measurement “t.” means)

 1668:  Seeds:  3 tinder, Yield:  12 t.

1723:  Seeds: 4 t. oats, Yield:  19 t.

1802:  Seeds: 3 t. oats, ½ t. potatoes, Yield: 39 t. oats, 5 t. potatoes (probably error in task)

1866:  Seeds: 15 2/3 t. oats, 14 t. potatoes, Yield: 104 t. oats, 62 t. potatoes, 95 shippounds high, 69 ½ shippounds (K: not sure about these shippounds)

Tjernagel farms were Lyse monastery property until the farmers bought it.  Farmer 1 in 1980, 2 in 1876, 3 in 1874, 4 in 1894 and 5 in 1875.  Later the farmers owned the property.


 There have been people at Tjernagel since time immemorial, but it is unknown who all has lived there.  I don’t have records from Lyse monastery from 1519-1563, 1567 and 1590.  The first man named is:

  1. Nils Monsson lived here before 1594.  He exchanged with Sigurd Torsteinson who lived on a Halsnøy monestary farm.  They had exchanged letters.  Sigurd had gotten the lease from the tax collector of the Lyse monastery, Herluf Lauritsen, and the exchange was confirmed by the feudal lord at Bergenhus.  Under the auspic e of Mikkel Eskildsen, tax collector, Sigurd had promised Nils he could use Halsnøy monastery, but after he moved, the tax collector had neglected to lease it to Nils, who then could not use it.  The incident went before the council of Nobles in 1599, who ruled that Sigurd should have Tjernagel and Nils had to call a sumons at Halsnøy if he suffered injustice
  1. Sigurd Torsteinson farmed Tjernagel north, but it is unknown for how long.
  1. Ola was operator of farm of the farm around 1630 to 1663.  His wife was named Marta.  They had 3 daughters, whose names are unknown.  One of them was married to Ulvaråker.

Ola raised 1 horse and 20 cattle.  He was a juror.

  1. Klement was operator of farm of the farm in 1666 til after 1692.  The last years with Peder Torbjørnson.  In 1690 they were summoned for payment by the assembly, but noone showed up and the incident was postponed.  Klement had 1 son, Sjur.
  2. Peder Torbjørnson Kvalvåg leased half the farm in 1689.  He died before 1696.  Married to Marta Hansdatter Straumøy.  Kids: a. Ola, b. Hans Lunde, Stord. C. Haldis, married to Kvalvåg.  Marta later married Albert P. Brokenes.
  3. Tomas Simonson Rymarbeid, Fitjar (township in Hordaland), came to Tjernagel before 1701.  He was operator of farm til 1734.  He was 39 years old in 1701 and it was then said that he was prosperous.  He married Barbru Mattiasdatter.  Childless.

After Barbru died, Tomas moved back to Rymarbeid and died there in 1748.  He was in charge of the small military outpost.  He owned a share of Rymarbeid.

  1. Lars Johannesson Raunholm, north, Fitjar, died in 1765.  He was the nephew of the previous owner, Tomas Simonson.   Married Alke Nilsdatter.  Spissøy, Bømlo (location), died 77 years old in 1780.  Kids:  a. Johannes born 1732, died 1751. b. Mari born 1735, married Tjernagel, north. C. Gunhild born 1737, died 1751.  e. Nils and Brita, born 1740.  Brita died 1751.  f. Brita born 1741. g. Nils born 1744 died 1770.  h. Alke born 1747 died 1750.  i. Gunhild born 1751.

Lars leased in 1734 and was operator of farm til 1755 when he gave the property under the condition that he could use 1-2 of it as long as he wanted.  

  1. Ola Reidarson Ulvaråker died 57 years old in 1783.  Married to 1. Valborg Olsdatter.  Nordhus, Fjelberg, died before 1757. 2. Mari Larsdatter Tjernagel, north born 1735.  Children: a. Johannes born 1757, married at Tjernagel north.  B. Reidar born 1760, married Tveitali.  C. Gunvor born 1761 and married at Rød.  D.  Lars born 1764 died 1796.  e and f. Nils and Alke born 1767.  Nils married Åse.  Alke married Lokna.  G. Ola born 1769 married Eikeland, Moster.  H. Mari born 1775 married Haukås.  Mari remarried Anders H. Tjernagel, north.

Ola leased in 1755 and was operator of the farm til he died.  He owned part of the forest Sølvrusto at Moster.

Ola raised 16 cattle and 12 sheep.  Planted 5 t. oats and yielded 40 t.  There were an unusually high number of buildings on the farmed in Ola’s time:  smokeroom, 2 bedrooms, storehouse, cookhouse (used for baking, brewing and washing), haybarn, cowbarn, goathouse, and boathouse.  Ola owned the house himself, including the glassroom, horsestall, blacksmith shop, shack and mill.

  1. Anders Haldorson Rød born 1762 died 1817.  Married to 1. Mari Larsdatter, widow of the previous owner, Ola Reidarson.  Childless.  She died in 1805.  He remarried 2. Helga Abrahamsdatter.  Lier, west born 1780.  Children:  Mari born 1810 married Tjernagel, south.  B. Haldor born 1813 married Tjernagel, north.  Helga remarried Elias J. Tjernagel, north. 

Anders lived for a few years at Emberland before he leased the farm in 1786 at Tjernagel, where he was operator of farm until he died. 

In 1784 the farm was divided into 2 equal shares, A and B.

 FARMERS  of A. half farm: 

  1. Elias Johannesson Åsbu born 1787 died 1866.  Married Helga Abrahamsdatter, widow of previous owner, Anders Haldorson.  Childless.  Elias leased in 1820 and was operator of farm til 1851.  He raised 1 horse, 9 cattle, and 16 sheep.  Planted 4 t. oats, 2 t. potatoes.  Yield: 20 t. oats, 12 t. potatoes. 
  2. Haldor Andersson Tjernagel, north born 1813 died 1903.  Married to 1. Aagota Olsdatter.  Nonsli born 1822 died 1866.  Children: a. Anders born 1851 died 1883.  He traveled to America but came home.  Was cared for in a home for leprosy in Bergen. B. Berta Karine born 1854.  c.Ola born 1856  d.  Helga Marie born 1859  e. Elias and Anna Marta born 1860, both died in 1861.  g. Elianne born 1862 married Tjernagel, north. Haldor married again to 2. Kristi Helgesdatter.  Bua born 1837.  Year of death unknown.  Children:  h.  Helge Andreas born 1868.  i. Kristian born and died 1869.  j. Knut Johan born 1878.  In America.  K. Anna Kristine born 1871 married Eltravåg.  L. Haldor Olai born 1873.

Haldor leased in 1851 and was operator of farm til 1894.  He raised 2 horses, 8 cattle, 35 sheep.  Planted 1-8 t. barley, 5 1\2 t. oats, 3 t. potatoes..

In 1894 the land was divided into 2 equal shares, 3 and 4. 

Share # 4:

  1. Knut Mattias Hansson Vandaskog born 1870 died around 1929.  Married Gunvor Karine Larsdatter.  Ulvevne, Ølen, born 1876 died 1942.  Children: a. Hans born 1895 died 1945.  b. Lars born 1897.  c. Ingeborg Kristine born 1899 married Sandvik, Eltravåg.  D. Malene born 1901.  e. Konrad Gustav born 1903 married Eltravåg.  F. Sigurd Johannes born 1906 died 1927.  g. Josefine Amalie born 1908.  h. Knut Mattias born 1910 married Eltravåg

Knut bought the share in 1894 and was operator of farm til 1909.  Moved to Sandvik, Eltravåg. 

  1. Olaus Olson Sæd born 1875 married Gjertrud Nilsdatter born 1875. Children: Nils Olai born 1903 b. Lars Konrad Meier born 1904.  c. Osvald Gustav born 1905.  d.  Anna Marie born 1907.  e. Ingeborg Lorentse born 1911. 

Olaus bought the share in 1909 and was operator of farm til 1915. 

  1. Knut Annaniasson Grimstveit, bought the share in 1915 and was operator of farm til 1945.  He separated the land into shares 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.
  2. Knut Knutson Grimstveit born 1913 married Dagmar Einarsdatter.  Ingebrigtsen born 1921. Children:  a. Aud Marit born 1946  b. Kari Dagny born 1949. 

Knut bought the share in 1945.

 ++almost half a page not translated because it is post 1900.

19.  Haldor Johannesson Tjernagel, north born 1789 died 1855.  Married to Anna Aasmundsdatter.  Age unknown.  Kids: a. Johannes, born in Bergen. B. Ole Andreas born 1819 died 1844, fell over board and drowned.  C. Berta Marie born and died 1821.  d.  Berta Marie born 1822 married Tjernagel south.  E.  Anna Marie born and died 1824.  f.  Gunhild born 1828 married to Carl M. J. Gothenberg in America. Haldor Johannesson Tjernagel remarried 2. Gunhild Paulsdatter. Nordus, Fjelberg, died at 42 years of age in 1853.  No children.  Remarried for a third time 3. Guro Johannesdatter. Tveita born in 1814.  Kids: g. Haldor Johan born 1855 married Tjernagel north. Guro remarried with the man who would come to own Tjernagel, Kjæran K. Tjernagel, north.

Haldor came to Slettene in 1844 and was operator of farm til he died.  There was a haybarn, cowbarn, and sheepbarn on the property. 

20.  Kjæran Kjæranson Flatnes bought the property in 1874.

 SHARE NUMBER 3 ‘Slettene

Kjæran was operator of farm til 1876.  He probably moved away.

21.  Haldor Johan Haldorson Tjernagel, north born 1855 died 1886. Married to Gunvor Marie Reidarsdatter.  Åsbu born in 1858 died 1896.  Kids: a. Haldor Olai born 1873 in America.  B. Kjæran Olai born 1879, owner after father.  C. Reinert Johan born 1881.  d. Ragna Gurine born 1884.

Haldor bought the share in 1876 and was operator of farm til he died.  The widow was the operator of farm after he died as long as she lived. 

22.  Kjæran Olai Haldorson Tjernagel, north born 1879 died 1950.  Married Hanna Hinderli.  Kids: Adopted a. Reinert born 1914 died 1944.

Kjæran bought the share in 1899 and was operator of farm til 1946. 

  • omitted # 23 and 24 here because they are post+1900 


Tjernagel, north was divided into 2 equal shares, A and B, in 1784.

      25. Johannes Olson Tjernagel, north born 1757 died 1824.  Married to Gunhild Haldorsdatter.  Rød born 1755 died 1827. Kids: a. Ola born 1786 married Tjernagel, north.  B. Barbru born 1788 married Tjernagel, north.  C. Haldor born 1789 married Tjernagel, north.  D.  Mari born 1797 died 1798.  e. Lars born 1798 married Lio.  F. Johannes born and died 1799.  g. Johannes born 1800 married Totland, Bømlo. 

Johannes leased the share in 1784 and was operator of farm til 1813.

26.  Ola Johannesson Tjernagel, north born 1786 died 1828.  Married Barbru Johannesdatter. Fagerland born 1788.  Kids: a. Johannes born 1820 married Tjernagel, north.  B. Alis born 1822 married Økland.  C. Mari born 1823 married Åsbu. D. Barbru born and died 1826.  e. Ola born and died 1828.  Barbru was later married to Samueal K. Tjernagel, north.

Ola leased the share in 1813 and was operator of farm til 1830. 

27.  Samuel Knutson Mjånes born 1798 died 1861.  Married Barbru Johannesdatter, widow after Ola J. Tjernagel, north.  She died 1866.  Kids: a. Oline born and died 1831.

Samuel leased the share in 1830 and was operator of farm til 1847. Samuel’s room was leased together with Johannesson’s.  They had other buildings together too, including the storeroom, smoke room and 2 boathouses.

In 1847 the share was divided into 2 equal sizes, later # 1 and 2.


28.  Johannes Olso Tjernagel, north born 1820 died 1869.  Married Kristi Jansdatter. Vike born 1819. Kids: a. Ola born 1843 died 1844.  b. Jan born 1845 married Tjernagel, north.  C. Ola born 1847 died 1869.  d. Johannes born 1851 married Tjernagel, south.  E. Knut born 1854. f. Barbru Martine born 1857.  g. Kristian born 1861 died in Greenwich in 1901.  h.. Sivert Martin born 1867, seaman.  Kristi remarried Daniel Tørresson Mjånes.

Johannes was operator of farm at Vika some years before he moved to Tjernagel, north and leased in 1847.  He was operator of farm til he died.  He raised 1 horse, 5 cattle, and 18 sheep.  Planted 3 t. oats, 3 t. potatoes. 

29.  Jan Johannesson Tjernagel, north born 1845 died 1917.  Married Johanne Tomasdatter.  Tjernagel, north born 1848 died 1914.  Kids: a. Oline born 1869 married Gramshaug.  B. Severin Johan born 1871 married Tjernagel, north.  C. Alis Kristine born 1873 married Slettene, Våge, south.  D. Tomas born 1875 in America.  E. Barbru Karoline born 1877.  f. Josefine Johanne born 1800. g. Barbru Karoline born 1884 died 1888.  h.  John Kristian born 1887 in America. i. Bård Johannes born 1890 died 1965.  j. Ingeborg Helene.

Jan leased the share in 1869.  He bought it in 1890 and was operator of farm til 1910. 

30.  Severin Johan Janson Tjernagel, north born 1871 died 1955.  Married to 1. Ingeborg Helene Knutsdatter. Økland, outer born 1878 died 1916.  Kids: a. Josefine Johanne born 1901 married Mølstre, south.  B. Udna Margrete born 1902 married in Haugesund.  C. Barbro Karoline born 1903 married Tjernagel, south. D. Severin Johan born 1905 in America.  E. Ingeborg Helene born 1911 married in Haugesund.  F. Tomas Andreas born 1914 married Tjernagel, north.  G. Konrad Bernhard born and died 1916.  Severin remarried 2. Anna Marie Torkjelsdatter. Haugland born 1874.  Childless.

Severin bought the share in 1910 and was operator of farm til 1941.  He was a seaman and spent some time in America.

31.  Tomas Andreas Severinson Jansen, Tjernagel, north born 1914. Married to Cecelie Karoline Nilsdatter. Kinn born 1911.  Childless.

Tomas bought the share in 1941.  

SHARE #7 ‘Nordheim

Divided from #1 in 1916.  Sold in 1938 to Bård Jansen.


Divided from #1 in 1966.  Sold to Erling Kinn born 1928 


In 1847 share B was divided into 2 shares, later 1 and 2.

32.  Lars Johanesson Lio bought the share in 1847 and was operator of farm til 1860.

33.  Ole Andreas Anderson Åsbu born 1831 died 1885.  Married to Gunhild Larsdatter. Lio born 1828 died 1855.  Kids: a. Helga Marie born and died 1855.  Ole Andreas Anderson Åsbu remarried 2. Barbru Larsdatter. Lio born 1839.  Uknown when she died.  Kids: a. Johan Andreas born 1859 married Tjernagel north. B. Helga Gurine born 1862 married Baltser M. Olson Vandaskog.  C. Lars born 1865 married Tjernagel north. D. Reinert Andreas born 1876. e. Bendik Andreas born 1879 in America.

Ole leased the share in 1860 and was operator of farm til he died.  He raised 1 horse, 5 cattle and 19 sheep.  Planted: 1/3 t. barley, 3 t. oats, 3 t. potatoes.  He was a shipper.

34.  Lars Olson TJernagel, north born 1865.  Married Ilisabet Serine Haktorsdatter. Bua born 1876.  Known children: a. Barbru born 1897. b. Ole Andreas born 1898. c. Haktor Johan born 1900.

Lars bought the share in 1896 and was operator of farm til 1901.  He traveled to America where he spent his youth. 

35.  Jakob Sjurson Landeråen bought the share in 1901.  He sold it in 1904. 

36.  Anders Mathiasson Sangolt born 1872 died around 1920.  Married 1. Anna Martine Torkelsdatter born 1874.  Children: a. Anna Martine born 1901 married Tjernagel, north.  B. Theodora Marie born 1910 married Bua.

Anders bought the share in 1904 and was operator of farm til 1920.

*further information on Simon Jakobson Naustvik and his descendents becomes post 1900.

 SHARE # 6 ‘Tømmerviken

37.  Johan Andreas Olson Tjernagel, north born 1859 died 1942.  Married 1. Elianne Haldorsdatter.  Tjernagel, north born 1862 died 1885.  Kids: a.  Anna Karoline born 1884 in America.  2.  Tomine Tomasdatter. Tjernagel, north born 1858 died 1910.  Kids: b. Olava Berntine born and died 1888.  3. Aasta Serine Sjursdatter.  Aasbu born 1885 and died 1958.  Kids: c. Ole Andreas born 1918 in America. 

Johan bought the share in 1895 and was operator of farm til 1941.  He sold it to his son Ole Andreas Tjernagel born 1918.

 *The next 3 SHARE #s are post+1900.


Tjernagelneset was the cotter’s farm under Tjernagel, north.  The first man I know of who lived at Tjernagelneset was:

39. Daniel Aanenson Emberland died at 84 years of age in 1781.  Married to 1. Torborg Gunnarsdatter. Bjelland born around 1699 died in 1773.  Kids: a. Sissela born 1735 died 1748.  b. Gunnar born 1739.  2.  Brita Larsdatter. Lokna born 1730.  Death year is unknown.  Childless.

Daniel lived there til he died.  He planted 2 t. oats and yielded 8 t.  Raised 4 cattle.  He owned the house, including 1 heating stove, small chamber room, haybarn, cowbarn, blacksmith shop, and boathouse.  In 1779 he made an agreement with the owner that the house should belong to the place.

40. Peder Nilsson Økland born 1756 died 1800.  Married Marta Hansdatter. Kvalvåg born 1753 died 1824.  Kids: a. Marta born 1780. b. Mari born 1782. c. Udna born around 1783 married Tjernagel, north.  D. Nils born 1787 married Økland. E. Hans born around 1788 married Legene, Rygmyr. F. Peder born 1794.  g. Guri born 1795. h. Daniel born 1797. Peder had a daughter, Kari, born in 1775 with Mette Gudmundsdatter.  Hovda.  Marta was remarried with Albert P. Brokanes, Tjernagelneset.

In 1796 Peder decided that his brother Jon Nilsson Økland would get the farm, according to the ‘odelsrett’ (udal rights). 

Peder lived first at Økland for a few years.  He came to Tjernagel in 1786 and was there til he died.

41. Albert Pederson Brokanes married the widow of the previous operator of farm, Peder Nilsson and took over the place in 1804.  He was operator of farm til 1808. 

42. Bård Tomasson Våge, north died at 78 years of age in 1857.  Married to Udna Pedersdatter.  Tjernagelneset born around 1783 died 1868.  Kids: a. Malene born 1808 married Hovda. B. Peder born 1812 married Tjernagel, north.  C. Lisbet born 1814 married Strømmen.  D. Inger Gurine born 1817 married Mjånes.  E. Tomas born 1819 married Tjernagel, north.

Bård leased the place in 1808 and was operator of farm til 1845. 

43. Tomas Bårdson Tjernagelneset born 1819 died 1893.  Married to Alis Sveinsdatter. Økland born 1825 died 1892. Kids: a.  Johanne born 1848 married Tjernagel, north. B. Tomine born 1848.  c. Udna born 1849 died 1850. d. Udna Margrete born 1851 married Økland. E. Brita born 1853. f. Anna Dortea born 1855 married Åsbu. G. Tomine born 1858 married Tjernagel, north. H. Inger Malene born 1861 married Tjernagel, north.  i. Svein born and died 1867.

Tomas leased in 1845.  He bought the place in 1875.

 SHARE #5 ‘Neset

Tomas was operator of farm til he died. He raised 1 horse, 7 cattle, and 25 sheep.  Planted 1/8 t. barley, 3 t. oats, 2 ½ t. potatoes. 

44. Daniel Johan Johannesson Tjernagel, south born 1861 died 1940.  Married Inger Malene Tomasdatter. Tjernagel, north born 1861 died 1928.  Kids: a. Tomas born and died in 1894. b. Tomas Andreas born 1895 married Tjernagel, north. C. Marta born 1897 married Tjernagel, south. D. Johannes born 1901 died 1912.  e. Agnes Elida born and died 1907. 

*The rest of the Tjernagel, north section is post-1900.

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