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Tjernagel South
From Simon Steinsbø, Gards- og ættesoge, Sveio, Band II. Skulekrinsane Bue, Vikse, Vandaskog og Sveio. 1987
Translated by Liv Zemple©

Look under Tjernagel North for the Tjernagel farms. In the old days there was no differentiation made between the Tjernagel farms, they were called Tjernagel in various forms.

The name Tjernagel South has later been written in various ways, such as: In 1647: Sore Tiørnagell and Ytt Tiernagell, 1668: Wester Tiernagel, 1701: Sore Tiernaglen, 1704: Lille Tiernagel 1716: Søndre Tiernagelen, 1802: Sore Tiernagelen, 1838: Tjernagelen, søndte, 1865: Tjemagl,søndre and in 1890: Tjernagl, søndre. Now the name is written Tjernagel Søre [Tjernagel South, hereafter].

Property tax on Tjernagel South was a half "laup"(archaic measurement, aproximately 33 lbs.) butter, and one goatskin. This tax was kept unchanged.

The income tax was set at 2 pounds 1 "spann"(archaic unit of measurement, aproximately 20 lbs.) butter which was unchanged until 1838 when it was recalculated to 2 skylddalar (unit of money) 4 on (a coin equal to one fifth speciedalar) and 22 shillings. In 1890 the income tax was set at 4.07 skyldmarks (unit of money).

In 1668 it was said about the farm:" Good fields and meadows, with fish, near the water, good for planting hops".

In 1723 the farm had neither forest nor mill and the land was similar to Tjernagel North. The farm did not have any other income besides the crops.

In 'l 802 the farm had a poor pasture, no forest, but had a little peat for fuel. The worth of the farm was set higher than on the neighboring farms. The reason for this is not known.

In 1866 the farm had 16 5/6mål (1 mål=.247 acres) fields and cultivated pasture.

Of that, 2 mål was good, 11 mål was medium good, and 3 5/6 mål was poor. 110 mål
natural pasture, of which 11 mål was good, 67 mål was medium good, and 33 mål was poor. At that time only 2 mål was able to be cultivated. The pasture was in a convenient location, but was poor quality and only big enough for half the cattle. Roots and peat  could be found for burning, but there was not enough. Seaweed was used to help. Farm number 1 was somewhat easy to farm, farm number 2 was easy to farm, and farm number 3 was hard to farm. The farm as a whole was generally well cultivated. No special rights and privileges attached to this land are mentioned.

Amicable border plotting was held in 1835. Division of outlying fields, peat bog and some cultivated plots in 1881. Division of cultivated and outlying plots in 1918. Redivision of outer plots in 1968.

1668: 1. horse, 12 cattle, 12 sheep
1723: 8 cattle, 9 sheep
1802; 2 horses, 11 cattle, 10 sheep
1866: 3 horses, 18 cattle, 58 sheep

1668: Sowed: 2 "stads" barrels. Harvested: 8 barrels.

1723: Sowed: 3 barrels oats. Harvested: 14 barrels.

1802: Sowed: 2 1/2 barrels oats, 1/4 barrel potatoes. Harvested: 23 barrels oats, 2 barrels potatoes.

1866: Sowed: 7 7 1/2 barrels oats, 5 barrels potatoes. Harvested: 46 barrels oats, 26 barrels potatoes, 99 skippund (unit of measurement, approximately 350 lbs.) hay, 34 1/2 skippund straw.

Tjernagel South was Lyse monastery property until 1874, when farm number 4 was
redeemed, farm number 3 in 1877, farm number 2 in 1888 and farm number 1 in 1890. Later the farmers have mostly been self owners.

1. Gaute lived on Tjernagel South in 1618 until about 1645. His wife was named Ranveig. They had a daughter: a.(see "Eiloff").
Gaute was rather poorly off. Some years he was exempt from paying tax, other years the tax was reduced because he was poor.

In 1618 Gaute was a witness in a case against Knut Litlasund... [** A long complicated quote from the court records follows.]

2. Halvard is named as an adult hired hand on Tjernagel in 1636. He farmed the entire farm in 1647. He raised 1 horse, 9 cattle. The wife is unknown. Known children: a. Størk, was 16 years old in 1666.

3. AndersHansson was 50 years old in 1701, died in 1712. He was married to Brita Helgesdotter who died in 1716. She was the sister of Mikkel Helgeson Eikeland, Øvre (upper farm). Children: a. Hans, born around 1691, married at Mølstre nordre. b. Helge, born around 1693, married at Mølstre nordre. c. Lars, born around 1695. "Traveled to foreign places" is stated in 1712. In 1716 he was in the service of the king. d. Halvard, born around 1696, married at Tjernagel South. e. Ingebrikt, born around 1698 

Anders came to Tjernagel in 1692. He was a farmer until he died, for a while, together with Lars Torkjelson. Anders was well off.

4. Lars Torkjelson was 60 years old in 1701 and was well off. One son: a. Stork, was 20 years old in 1701, married at Skålasog. Lam is last mentioned in 1704.

5. HalvardAndersson Tjernagel South, born around 1696, died 1740. Married to Kari Endresdotter Bua, she died 79 years old in 1768. Children: a. Marta, born 1720, married in Torvastad. b. Anders, born 1722, married at Tjernagel South, c. Hans, born 1725, died 1733. d. Endre born 1728, died 1744. e. Brita, born 1731, married at Våga. f. Hans born 1733, married in Torvastad. g. Anna married to Hans Ingebriktson Mule.

Halvard was the farmer from around 1713 until he died.

6. Anders Halvardson Tjernagel South born 1722. The year he died is unknown. Married to 1. Dortea Johannesdotter Asbu born 1723, died 1764. Children: a. Halyard, born 1749, died 1750. b. Halvard born 1751, married at Kinn. c. Anna, born 1753, died
1754. d. Anna born 1755, died 1824, a pauper. e. Johannes born 1758, died 1759. f.
Johannes born 1761, married at Tjernagel South. 2. Kristi Pedersdotter Aastad, EltrevAg, born 1737, died 1775. Children g. Peder born 1768, married at Tjernagel South. h. Anders born 1770, died 1779. i. Endre born 1771. j. Jon born 1773 died 1779.

Anders leased in 1745 and was the farmer until 1788, when the farm was divided in 2 equal farms, one of them later acquired farm number 3, the other is called farm A.


Old tax: 18 mark (unit of money) butter, 1/2 goatskin. Anders used this part until 1789. He was a comålunity supported pauper.

In 1775 there was fire at Anders' farm, and all his buildings and property burned up, except for the barn with the cows.

7. Peder Andersson Tjernagel South born 1768, "Drowned in the ice, December 24,1814” married to Helga Kristensdotter Sele, Bømlo, born 1763. Children: a. Anders born and died 1790. b. Hans born 1791, married at Rygmyr Kristen born 1792, married at Tjernagel South. c. Kristen born 1792, married at Tjernagel South. d. Kristi born and died 1794. e. Kristi born 1797, married at Lio. f. Helga born 1803 married at Lio. g. Maria born 1805 married to Endre P. Nesse, Bømlo. Helga got remarried to Niklas K. Lio.

Peder rented the farm in 1789 and was the farmer until he died. He was very well off. He raised 1 horse, 7 cattle, 13 sheep, 4 goats. He owned a share in a herring sweep net. He had blacksmith tools.

8. Kristen Pederson Tjernagel South born 1792 died 1845. Married to 1. Brita Jokumsdotter Nesse born 1798 died 1829. Children: a. Peder born 1820 married at Tjernagel South. b. Jokum born 1823 married at Kvernenes, Børkjeland. c. Helga born and died 1825. d. Malene born 1827 married to Peder L. Lio, in America. 2. Mari Andersdotter, Tjernagel North, born 1810. Children: e. Anders born 1831 married at Tjernagel. f. Endre born 1834 in America. g. Helge born 1837 in America. h. Kristian born 1841 married to Brita Knutsdotter Lio in America. i. Berta Marie born 1844. j. Ellen Kristine born 1847. In 1857 Marl and the three youngest children went to America.

Kristen was the farmer from 1815 until he died. he was well off.

9. Reidar Sjurson Eltravåg born 1825 died 1903. Married to Gunhild Serine Torkjelsdotter Åstadleite, Eltravåg. Born 1836 died 1896. Children: a. Elisabet Serine born 1859 married at Færås. b. Sivert Theodor born 1862 married at Årstad, Eltravåg. c. Reinert Severin born and died 1867. d. Marta Karoline born 1870 married at Tjernagel South. e. Reinert Severin born 1873 married at Tjernagel South.

Reidar leased the farm in 1858. He bought it in 1877 and was the farmer until 1894. He raised 1 horse, 6 cattle and 20 sheep. He sowed 1/2 barrel barley, 21/2 barrels oats, 2 barrels potatoes. He separated out from the farm his part of farm number 4.

10. Reinert Severin Reidarson, Tjernagel South born 1873, married to Olava Regine Olsdotter Kvala, Skåre born 1872, died 1944. Children: a. Reinert Severin born 1894 married at Tjernagel South. b. Signe Johanne born 1898 married at Lier, vestre(west). c. Joakim born 1900 married at Økland. d. (Junhild Serine born 1903. e. Sigvald Olai born and died 1905. f. Lojal Olai born 1906, unmarried Tjernagel North. g. Sander Emil born 1909. h. Edvard Theodor born 1911. i. Selma Karoline born 1914 married at Bua. j. Reidar Johan born 1918 married at Tjernagel South.

Reinert bought the farm in 1894 and was the farmer until 1946. At that point he sold to his sons Sander Emil(born 1909), Edvard (born 1911) and Reida r(born 1918). Reinert was well off. He separated out farm numbers 7, 8 and 9.

11. Reidar Johan Reinertson Tjernagel South born 1918 married to Oline Helgesdotter Lien, Førdesfjorden, born 1929. Children: a. Reinert Olav born 1951. b. Helga Karin born 1953. c. Johan Magnar born 1955. d. Helge Lien born 1957.

Reidar bought the farm from his brothers in 1961.

Tax: 0.35 skyldmark(unit of money). Separated from farm number 3 in 1944. Sold to: 12. Edvard Theodor Reinertson Tjernagel South, born 1911, died 1973. Married to Malene Fjell born 1912. Children: a. Reinert Ottar born 1940 married to Anne Margrete Tveit. b. Dagfinn Olav born 1942. c. Olava Regine born 1946. d. Magnhild born 1948. e. Rakel born 1952. Edvard Theodor has separated out farm number 14 and 15.

Tax: 0.01 skyldmark. Separated out from farm number 7 in 1974. Sold to: 13.
Åme Utne born 1943. Married to Magnhild Tordis Reinertsen born in Haugesund in 1948. Children: . Elisabet Malene born in 1973.

Tax: 0.01 Skyldmark. Separated out from farm number 7 in 1974. Sold to: 14.
Harald øyerhamål, Kvinnherad, born in 1944. Married to Rakel Edvardsdotter Reinertsen, born 1952. Children: a. Signe Beth born 1971. b. Magny Elin born 1972. c. Anne Helene born 1975.

*Caption under photo on pg 116: Students from Bua school on a tree planting outing at Reinert Reinertsen's circa 1926. In the back is teacher Osmundsen.

Tax: 0.35 skyldmark. Separated out from farm number 3 in 1944. Sold to Reidar Johan Reinertson Tjernagel, born 1918.

Tax: 0.03 skyldrnark. Separated out from farm number 3 in 1944. Sold to Gunhild Serine Langøy born 1903.

Old tax: 18 mark butter, 1/2 goatskin. In 1788 Tjernagel South was divided into 2
equal farms. One was farm A.

15. Halvard Andersson Tjernagel South, Kinn bought the farm in 1789 and was the farmer until he died. He was well off.

16. Tolleiv Halvardson Kinn born 1788 died 1849. Married to Sara Andersdotten. Sveio (1788 1855). Children: a. Ragnhild, born and died 1815. b.(Anders, born 1817 married at Tjernagel South. c. Anna born 1829. She had a daughter, Thea Knudianne, born in 1854. They went to America in 1856. d. Tolleiv, born 1825, died 1826. e. Johannes born 1820, married at Tjernagel South. f. Halvard born 1822 died 1868. g. Elling born 1827. In America, Tolleiv had a daughter, Oline born 1808, died 1809, with Siri Olsdotter Skyllingstad.

Tolleiv bought the farm in 1813. In 1846 he split the farm in 2 equal farms which later were called farms number 1 and 2.

Tax: 0.97 skyldmark. Tolleiv used this part until 1849.

17. Anders Tolleivson Tjernagel South born 1817 died 1860. Married to Aasa
Torkjelsdotter Nesheim, Hovda, born 1824. Children: a. Aksel Tobias born 1858 died 1863. b. Helga Serine born 1860. Aase had one son, Sivert born 1856, with Jan Kristian Sjurson Eltravåg. Aasa was remarried to Omund B. Tjernagel South.

Anders leased the farm in 1849 and was the farmer as long as he lived.

18. Omund Bårdson Aasbu born 1836 died 1909. Married to Aasa Torkjelsdotter, widow of foreman Anders Tolleivson. She died in 1911. Children:a. Berta Marie born 1863. b. Berner Johan born in 1865, died 1891 from scurvy, he bought the farm in 1890 from Squire Formann's estate. The father inherited the farm. c. Astrid Theodora born 1869 married to Helge H. Røksund,BØmlo.

Osmund was the farmer from around 1860 until 1895. He raised 1 horse, 4 cattle, 12 sheep. He sowed 2 1/2 barrels oats, 1 1/2 barrels potatoes. He separated out the farm from his part of farm number 4.

19. Iver Kornelius Hansen, born 1861, married to Berte Marie Aanensdeotter born 1862. Known Children: a. Mathilde Bertine born 1892.

Iver bought the farm in 1895, but sold the same year to Henrik Martin Hansen. He sold in 1897 back to Omund Bårdson who sat with the farm until 1900.

20. Anders Sjurson Bruntveit,Tysnes born 1874 died 1949. Married to Guro Olsdotter Sætre, Tysnes born 1865died 1953. Children: a. Anna Oline born and died 1899. b. Andreas Gurvin Bernhard born 1901, farmer at Ørevik. c. Ovidia Sofie born 1903 died 1917.

Anders bought the farm in 1900 and was farmer until 1906. He moved to Ørevik.

**Caption under photo on pg 117: Tjernagel in August 1889. On the picture is Åsa Omundsdatter, Amanda, Hans Enerstvedt, unknown, Jacob Enerstvedt, unknown, Johanna Enerstvedt Hansen and Ingvald Bnerstvedt.

21. Sivert Theodor Reidarson, Årstad, Eltravåg, bought the farm in 1905 and was the farmer until 1907.

22. Nils Severin Theodorsen, Årstad, Eltravåg, born 1886, bought the farm in 1907 and was the farmer until 1924. The farm was then sold to:

23. Sigvald Theodor Th. Theodorsen, Årstad, EltravAg, born 1897, died 1966. Married to Marta Danielsdotter Tjernagel North born 1897. Children: a. Inger Malene born 1928, married at Tjernagel South. b. Sverre Theodor born 1930 married at Tjernagel South. c. Nilla Bertine born 1932 married at Gandal. d. Dagmar Johanne born 1934 married in Skjold.

(Sigvald)Theodor sold in 1966. He separated out farms number 11,12 and 13.

24. Sverre Theodor Theodorsen, Tjernagel South born 1930, married to Margot Leifsdotter Nilsen,Tjernagelsholmen, born 1937. Children: a. Leif born 1958. b. Marit born 1959. c. Jorunn Elisabet born 1964. d. Tor Sverre born 1972.

Sverre bought in 1966. He has separated out farm number 16.


Losneset was the cotter's farm at Tjernagel South.

25. Johannes Andersson Børkjeland born 1803 died 1886. Married to Sygni Halvardsdotter Arnevik, Fjelberg, born around 1803. It is unknown when she died. Children: a. Kristi born 1827 married at Åse. b. Gunvor born 1837. c. Halvard Olai born 1842.

Johannes lived at first at Børkjeland and Tveitali before he leased Losneset in 1846. He bought the place in 1874.

Tax: 0.22 skyldmark. Johannes was farmer until 1882 when he sold to his son T. A. Johannesen in Bergen. He owned the farm until 1889, when he sold to Knut Sivertsen Tjernagel. Knut sold in 1892 to Kristian Paulsen who sold in the same year to:

26. Erik Paulson Øien, Hol, born 1850. Married to Margrete Mikkelsdotter, Leknes, Hol, born 1858. Children: a. Knut Samuel born 1879. b. Theodor Dignius born 1881. c. Milckel born 1888. d. Jacob Kielland born 1889. e. Lars Johannes born 1891. f. Georg Johan born 1893. g. Karine Magnhild born 1895. h. Simon Andreas 1897.

Erik bought the farm in 1892 and was the farmer until 1905. He was master tailor and a book peddler.

27. Laurits Severin Nilsson Vespestad, Bømlo (1875 1910) married to Anna Lovise Mikkelsdotter Lokna (1875 1922). Children: a. Olga died before 1938. b. Mathilde born 1902, married at Tjernagel South. c. Leif born 1904, married at Tjernagelsholmen. d. Mikkel Kristian Møller born 1906, married in Haugesund. e. Lars Ingolf born 1908 in America. f. Laurits Severin born and died 1911.

Laurits bought the farm in 1905 and was the farmer until he died. His widow sold the farm to a daughter in 1922.

28. Reinert Severin Reinertson Tjernagel South (1894 1968). Married to Mathilde Lauritsdotter Nilsen,Tjernagel South (1902 1964). Children: a. Arne Louis born 1923 married at Tjernagel South. b. Olav Reinholt born 1925. c. Laurits Severin born 1927. d. Reinert Martinius born 1929. e. Lovise born 1938.

Reinert and his wife owned the farm until they died. All of the heirs of Reinertsold to one heir, Åme Reinertsen in 1970.

29. Årne Louis Reinertsen, Tjernagel South born 1923. Married to Berit Johanne Larsdotter Fagerland, born 1923. Children: a. Marit Johanne born 1943 married at Stord. b. Liv Reidun born 1946 married in Oslo. c. Alfhild born 1947 married in Haugesund. d. Arne Johan born 1956. e. Bernt born 1970.


Tax: 0.01 skyldmark. Separated out from farm number 1 in 1957. Sold to:

30. Bernt Johannesson Emberland born 1927. Married to Inger Malene Sigvaldsdotter
Tjernagel South born 1928. Children: a. Jorunn Malene born 1954. b. Torhild Margrete born 1956. c. Bjørg Inger born 1957. d. Johannes Theodor born 1964.

Tax: 0.01 skyldmark. Divided out from farm number 1 in 1958. Same owner as farm number 11.

Tax: 0.01 skyldmark. Separated from farm number 1 in 1963. Sold to Nila Oimre born 1932.


Tax: 0.01 skyldmark. Separated out from farm number 1 in 1974. Same owner as
farm number 11.

Tax: 0.97 skyldmark. As has been mentioned before, farm A was divided in two farms, farm numbers 1 and 2 in 1846.

31. Johannes Tolleivson Tjernagel South (1820 1905). Married to 1. Sigrid Håkonsdotter Næss, Hallingdal, died 41 years old in 1847. Childless. 2. Marta Aanensdotter Økland (1829 1902). Children: a. Tolleiv Johan(1849 1863). b. Randi Serine(1851 1856). C. Aanen, born 1853, married at Tjernagel,søie. d. Elling born 1856. e. Randi Serine, born 1859, married at Tjernagel South. f. Daniel Johan born 1861 marriedat Tjernagel,nordre. g. Torleiv born 1864 married at Lier,nordre. h. Aasmund born 1866. i. Anna Marta born 1871 married at Tjernagel South.

Johannes leased the farm in 1846 and was the farmer until 1888. He raised I horse, 4 cattle, and 17 sheep. He sowed 2 1/2 barrels oats, 2 barrels potatoes. He was rather poor.

32. Aanen Johannesson Tjernagel South(1853 1903). Married to Ingeborg Reinertsdotter Voll, Bømlo (1860 1902). Children: a.. Johannes, born 1891. b. Ingeborg Olava born 1893. c. Marta born 1895 married to Nils O. Høyland, Stord. d. Aanen Emil born 1899 married at Mekjeland.

Aanen bought the farm from Squire Formann's estate in 1888, and was the farmer as long as he lived. He separated out farm number 5. He was often sick the last years of his life.

33. Kristian Torsteinson Kinn (1869 1945). Married to Anna Marta Johannesdotter Tjernagel South(1871 1930). Children: a. Adolf born 1903 married at Tjernagel South. b. Marta born 1908. c. Johanne born 1911 married at Tjernagel South.

Kristian bought the farm in 1902 and was the farmer until 1945 when he relinquished the farm to his daughters Maria and Johanne without compensation. Maria sold her part to her sister Johanne in 1956. Krisrian separated out farm number 6.

34. Bertel Emil Johannesson Emberland born 1901. Married to Johanne Kristiansdotter Kinn, Tjernagel South born 1911. Childless. Bertel was for a time in America.


Tax: 0.16 skyldmark. Separated out from farm number 2 in 1892. 35. Anders

Larsson Straumøy (1860 1935). Married to Randi Serine Johannesdotter
Tjernagel South(1859 l946). Children: a. Lars born 1886 married to Stina Helgesdotter Aardal. b. Elling Johan born 1888 married at Tjernagel South. c. Martin born 1891. d. Theodor born 1893. e. Ditlef born and died 1896. f. Dordi born 1898 died 1899. g. Johannes born 1901 married at Tjernagel South.

36. Johannes Andersson Tjernagel South born 1901, Married to Barbru Karoline Severinsdotter Tjernagel North born 1903. Childless.

Johannes bought the farm in 1942. He has separated out farm number 10.


Tax: 0.01 skyldmark. Separated out from number S in 1947. Sold to Johanne J.
Tjernagel born 1895.

Tax: 0.27 skyldmark. Separated out from farm number 2 in 1938. Sold to: 37. Adolf Kristianson Kinn, Tjernagel South, born 1903. Married to Marie Knutsdotter Leite, Eltravåg born 1903. Childless.


38. David Hansson Walbyng, son of the sexton at the Finnåss church, Hans Andersson Walbyng, at Sakseid, Bømlo. David was born around 1690, and died before 1754. He was married to Margarethe Størksdotter who died in 1754. Childless. Margarethe's heirs were born at Jæren. David had one child with Maren Willumsdotter Svendsen, Øklandsvågen, Bømlo.

David was a cotter at Tjernagel South from around 1715. The last year he lived at Mølstrevågen, a place at Mølstre, nordre.

There was an estate settlement of Margarethe's estate in 1755. Her sister, Anna Størksdotter, who lived at Tjernagelsholmen, had taken furniture, all moveable goods, two cows, and "Pentenentier" to Tjernagelsholmen. "Both the main rooms of the house were plundered," and Anna had taken the windows out of the two residences on the place. The debt of the estate was larger than the property. We do not know where David lived.


39. Johannes Andersson Tjernagel South(1761 1844). Married to 1. Brita Berdinesdotter Gard (1752 1834). Children a. Lars born 1794. 2. Eli Trondsdotter Emberland born 1793. They had two children before they were married. b. Elias born and died 1833. c. Anders born 1836, insane. Fell through the ice and drowned in 1896.

Johannes lived at Trå on Tjernagel South. He was a harbor pilot. He was poor. They had to get poor relief, Eli was supported by the community in the end.


On Tjernagel there have been some renters, but it is not known what farm they lived on. They are named here:

40. Peder Bårdson Tjernagelnes born 1812. Married to Ragnhild Johannesdotter Kinn born 1816. Known Children: a. Udna 1842 married at Naustbakken, Bømlo. b. Johannes born 1845 died young. c. Bård born 1846. d. Johannes born 1847 married at Haugland. e. Berte born 1867 died 1939, a farmer’s widow. Peder moved to Røyksund, Bømlo.

41. Peder Kristenson Tjernagel South born 1820. Married to BrimtaMarie Haldorsdotter Tjernagel North born 1822. Known children: a. Ole Andreas born 1847. b. Kristen born 1848. Peder went to America with the family.

42. Johannes Johannesson Tjernagel born around 1847, died 1875. Married to Borghild Bårdsdotter Lokna born 1852. Children a. Berta Johanne born 1869. b. Anna Kristine born 1871 married at Bua. c. Bendik Johan born 1873. d. Berta Johanne born 1875 died 1896. Borghild later married Aasmund K. Nordskog.

43. Anders Eliasson Brokanes born 1848. Married to Anna Marie Bårdsdotter Lokna born 1849. Children: a. Anna Karoline born 1872. b. Johanne Bertine born 1873. c. Anna Marie born 1876. d. Berta Oline born 1879. e. Reinert Andreas born 1880.

Anders moved to Grønhaug, Skåre in 1875.

44. Mikkel Reierson died around 1885. Married to Sissela Helgesdatter Bua (1844 1915). Children: a. Reinert Olai born 1872 married at Åsbu. b. Helge Andreas born 1875. In America. Ragna Kristine born 1877. d. Ole Kristian born 1880. Ragna and Ole Kristian died before their mother.

45. Jørgen Johan Sjurson Øklandsnes born 1865. Married to Marta Karoline Reidarsdotter Tjernagel born 1870. Children: & Ingeborg Sofie born 1891. B. Konrad Johan born 1894.

Jørgen was a skipper. Moved away.

46. Elling Johan Andersson Straumøy, Tjernagel South(1888 1946). Married to Berta Johanne Jakobsdotter Bua (1895 1975). Children: a. Anna Kristine married at Viksesøre, Skåre. b. Agnes born 1924 married at Nordskog. c. Elmer Johan born 1924. d. Reinert Andreas born 1927, unmarried. e. Jakob Gerhard born 1929 married in Alesund. f. Magne born 1931 married at Lyngholm. g. Dagny born 1933 married in Haugesund.

47. Erling Johannesson Kinn born 1928. Married to Karl Anfinnsdotter Stueland born 1934. Children: a. Anne Torhild born 1957.

Translation by Liv Zemple

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