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Histories of the Farms

     During the last 100 years or more, many bygdaboker have been produced in Norway. These books trace the history of the farms in a particular region or county.
     Our Tjernagel ancestors came from three farms, Tjernagel North, Tjernagel South, and Lien (Lia or Lio) on Bømlafjord, just south of the large Island of Stord, and north of Haugesund. The fylke or county, from Bergen to the south and east is called Hordaland. Tjernagel lies more specifically in an area of the county called Sunnhordaland (South Hordaland). The nearest town to the farms is Sveio, just to the south.
   Below are translated excerpts from the Sunnhordaland bygdabok, Vol II.

Lien     [pdf]

Tjernagel North     [pdf]

Tjernagel South     [pdf]

Aerial view of Tjernagel

Map Links

     This site affords an excellent view of Tjernagel, both in "grunnkart" (surface map) and "flyfoto" (satellite view). You can also select "plan" which shows topography and some lot lines.
     When you arrive at the site, use the pointing hand to drag a box, (an inch or two square) around Sveio. When you get an enlarged view, find Tjernagel and draw a box around the area to view. As you keep selecting smaller areas, the view is enlarged.  You can also set the scale in the pull down box at the top of the map.  To move the view around, select the white hand. To return to "select," click on the magnifying glass. Get an aerial view in the pull down menu in the upper left, under "Sveio Kommune."  Names appear in the grunnkart. "Tjernagelholmen" is the harbor;  if the view is wide enouugh you can find Tjernagel sør.

1903 view at Tjernagel harbor. Note the boat houses on the far shore of the cove. 

Enwall collection     

View of the Tjernagel harbor area (about 1910) with Tjernagel north farm at the top

      Peter T. Harstad collection

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